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Transformer by Petrick & Mia

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One of my favorite Petrick & Mia creations. Can be used for any small objects with no difficult moves or external pulls or devices. The cleverly gimmicked boxes make the working a snap.

Effect: The magician show two colorful bags each containing small boxes. One box is oval shaped and the other is heart shaped. The spectator chooses any one of the shapes, for example the heart, and you are left with the oval. The spectator places their ring inside the heart shaped box and places it inside one of the bags. The empty oval box is placed back inside the other bag. The magician holds the bags up in front of them from the drawstrings and makes a mystic pass.

The bag with the heart shaped box is handed back to the spectator and the wedding ring has disappeared. The other spectator now opens up the oval shaped box and there lies the wedding ring.


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1 review for Transformer by Petrick & Mia

  1. John Petroff


    You have to see this one to believe it. A borrowed ring, bracelet etc. is borrowed and placed in one of the containers. The other one is shown to be completely empty and it is. The containers are totally different shapes so there is no confusion as to where the borrowed object is.

    Hide both containers for a split second and the ring etc is now in the other container. The containers can be help far apart when the transposition happens.

    This is really great magic!

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