That Infernal Contraption by Wack-O-Magic

(c. 2017)

The Square Circle was invented by British Magician Louis S. Histed in 1930 and like many great ideas was pirated by dealers around the world.  This is a beautiful and unique version of the classic Square Circle from Wack-O Innovative Magic.  It is a Victorian/SteamPunk inspired work of art created and painted by Hollywood Makeup Effects artist, and owner of Wack-o-Magic, Michael Mosher.

It is a far more deceptive Square-Circle and there are some key improvements over the classic design:

  • The Base, Outer Chest, Inner Chamber, and Load Box all fold flat for packing.
  • Both the Outer and Inner pieces are square but sit in opposition when displayed.
  • There are “see through” areas on two sides of the Outer Chest making it more deceptive.
  • The Inner and Outer Cabinets are hinged on the side, with a magnet clasp, so they may be completely opened up.
  • The Large Load Box has a tuck-in hinged bottom.  Having a bottom on the load chamber is an important feature most square circles don’t have.
  • The base has a turntable allowing the performer to slowly spin the Contraption. This is a particularly nice display point.

Easily the best and most unique Square Circle box, and what is more it comes with a unique story featuring: Jules Vern, H.G. Wells, Thomas Edison, Robert Louis Stevenson, Alexander Graham Bell, and even Jack the Ripper should you want to present the whole routine in a more bizarre setting, perfect for Halloween!

(Of course you have to provide your own load items.)

Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $699.00 (2018) ***

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