That Infernal Contraption by Wack-O-Magic, Michael Mosher

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The Square Circle, also known as The Chinese Pagoda, was invented by British Magician Louis S. Histed in 1930 and like many great ideas was pirated by dealers around the world.  This is a beautiful and unique version of the classic Square Circle from Wack-O Innovative Magic.  It is a Victorian/SteamPunk inspired work of art created and painted by Hollywood Makeup Effects artist, and owner of Wack-O-Magic, Michael Mosher.

Effect: It is a far more deceptive Square-Circle and there are some key improvements over the classic design:

  • The Base, Outer Chest, Inner Chamber, and Load Box all fold flat for packing.
  • Both the Outer and Inner pieces are square but sit in opposition when displayed.
  • There are “see through” areas on two sides of the Outer Chest making it more deceptive.
  • The Inner and Outer Cabinets are hinged on the side, with a magnet clasp, so they may be completely opened up.
  • The Large Load Box has a tuck-in hinged bottom.  Having a bottom on the load chamber is an important feature most square circles don’t have.
  • The base has a turntable allowing the performer to slowly spin the Contraption. This is a particularly nice display point.

Easily the best and most unique Square Circle box, and what is more it comes with a unique story featuring: Jules Vern, H.G. Wells, Thomas Edison, Robert Louis Stevenson, Alexander Graham Bell, and even Jack the Ripper should you want to present the whole routine in a more bizarre setting, perfect for Halloween!

(Of course you have to provide your own load items.)

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $699.00 (2018) ***

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