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Table Legs (#1) (Comedy Legs Table) by Woodmagic Studio

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The Legs Table was invented by British comedy magician Arthur Dowler c. 1949 with ideas from Harry Stanley and Yimka who actual built it. Jack Hughes refined the original model to a smooth working piece of apparatus. This comedy prop was a great favourite of the late, great Tommy Cooper and Jack Hughes manufactured the model used by him. Howard Hale’s version was perhaps the prettiest and most solid Legs Table ever built and to this day I’m not sure there has been a better one.

Effect: The performer walks on carrying a four legged table. As he walks towards the centre of the stage one of the front legs suddenly falls off onto the floor with a loud clatter. The performer appears confused by this turn of events and has difficulty in trying to put the table down to pick the leg up. Suddenly the other front leg falls onto the floor. The performer looks at the audience with utter despair, then smiles as magically a pair of shapely female legs suddenly spring out at the front of the table. The table can now be placed down onto the stage and used as a normal table.

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1 review for Table Legs (#1) (Comedy Legs Table) by Woodmagic Studio

  1. Andy Martin

    Funny and Beautiful

    Howard Hale makes some very fine quality woodwork – he’s not always punctual, but is worth waiting for. This is based on the old Jack Hughes Legs Table I guess, and it really is very beautiful, and looks like a real ornate table until the legs fall off. Then where do you go? Out pop those sexy pair of legs, and you have a huge comedy piece!

    This is number 1 of a very few. It’s beautiful and rare.

    Grab it now!

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