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Vanishing Bandanna by Woodmagic Studio, Howard Hale

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Effect: One of the funniest magical routines we’ve ever seen. Great for all ages and especially young people and family audiences!

This is a routine used by many professional magicians because of the incredible reaction it gets – every single time.

Best of all the routine is very easy to perform! The professionally produced CD guides you through the entire trick! Plays well for the smallest or largest crowds.

NEW – this now comes with a Royal Blue vanishing cloth. Much better than the original flower patterned one.

The routine: You explain that you just received a new trick in the mail, but have not had time to practice it or even read the instructions. But you’re willing to share the secret with the audience. You put the CD in a player, and start to following the spoken instructions that describe how to perform the Vanishing Bandana trick. And that is where the hilarity begins! The voice on the CD instructs you to take the bandana and fold it in half.

Oops! Too late, you realize that your box contained a banana, not a bandana! But you bravely go on with the trick anyway, following the increasingly hilarious (and messy!) instructions. Amazingly, at the end of the trick, you do indeed vanish the banana.

Gospel Presentation: This is very funny routine follows the voice on the CD so needs to be left unedited. However you can top or tail it by tlaking about the importance of following God’s instructions and guidence in our lives. We don’t often get a ‘voice from heaven’ but we can find direction by hearing God’s voice in prayer and from the content of the Bible.

There are few routines that are guaranteed to make ’em laugh – and this is one of them.

You will receive: a professionally produced 3 Minute CD, a blue vanishing cloth and written instructions with all the “bits” of business. You supply the real banana.

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Approx. Price: $23.96 (2001) ***

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1 review for Vanishing Bandanna by Woodmagic Studio, Howard Hale

  1. David Hira

    Bandanna Drives ‘Em Bannanas!

    Howard Hale has really made this a dynamite hit for virtually ANY performer! The bag you get is first rate, and the cassette tape is professionally recorded. Stick in the cassette either on stage or off, and just "go with the flow…". The Acme Magic company will "teach you a trick", and you just follow along. Your audience will laugh over and over again! Highly recommended if you want great fun, lots of laughs, and NOT a lot of work!

    Note: You will need a real bannana each performance. Be sure to throw it out after each show!

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