Super Champagne (Supersekt) by Magic Hands

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Effect: Another fantastic effect from the workshop of the magic hands.

  • First you open a champagne bottle with a loud “pop” and pour a glass full of the golden liquid.
  • At this point you reach into the spout and pull a completely dry yellow silk from the bottle.
  • You repeat this effect three more times, each time pouring a different colored liquid from the bottle followed with a silk of the same color.
  • After the production of the forth silk, the bottle is wrapped in an unprepared sheet of newspaper and immediately broken open to a reveal that the bottle has disappeared and, instead, you are holding two beautiful spring flower bouquets.

This effect is entirely self contained and, like all of our champagne bottle effects, is suitable for both stage and cabaret presentation. Our ingenious workmanship makes this effect a delight to perform. Comes complete with all accessories – the special bottle, 4 silks, two beautiful spring flower bouquets and our instructions.

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Approx. Price: $180.00 (2000) ***

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