Crystal Clear Tube (with 18″ Silks) by Magic Hands

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Effect: You show your spectators a clear plastic tube as empty. It is obvious to your spectators: this tube is transparent, thus empty. One by one, you place four silks into the tube. Now, whatever gestures you now make, that is up to you; but in the end you pull out of the tube a silk that is 4 x the size of the individual silks and it displays the same four colors! A great transformation, a new kind of blendo effect!

  • Or you have silks appear and disappear in the Crystal Clear Tube.
  • Or you introduce a red silk into each end of the tube. The middle of the tube is clearly empty. But suddenly this void is filled with a white silk! A white silk that you had disappear just moments before.

It easy and elegant to perform, is sturdily made, is covered lengthwise with four narrow strips of silver glitter, is 30 cm (12 in.) long and at both ends 8 cm (3 in.) in diameter.

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