Squeeze Away Block by Worth Magic, Ed Massey

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Ed Massey invented this clever and original effect.  The initial version of Squeeze Away Block first appeared in Blackstone’s Annual of Magic c. 1929 in a contribution written and illustrated by Massey. Commercial versions started appearing c. 1946.

This is Worth Magic’s beautiful version of it. Where you visibly make the solid center block disappear right in front of their eyes only to have it show up in a hat or somewhere else.

Effect: Magician shows a neat case in which are three blocks — two black and one yellow. The blocks are removed and may be thoroughly examined. The case has neither front nor back. The blocks are replaced with the yellow block between the two black ones. Now the performer slowly and deliberately pushes the two black blocks together. The yellow becomes smaller and smaller until finally the black blocks are touching each other and the yellow block has vanished completely. The case is swung around — the audience sees only the two black blocks. The blocks are taken out of case and tossed out for examination — and the yellow block is discovered under a borrowed hat.


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