New and Original Magic by Edward M. Massey

(c. 1922) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Excerpt from New and Original Magic: Comprising a Number of Novel and Entertaining Effects, a Fund of Information for the Professional Artist and His Younger Brother, the Amateur

Not since Professor Hoffmann’s Modern Magic has there appeared a book on practical mechanical magic, until Mr. Massey gave us this truly original work.

The literature of magic is not only enlarged, but also enriched by this addition to the number, few indeed are the works that remain as permanent texts and guides for the worker in magic and mystery. I commend the book to you, my fellow laborers, who seek to elevate magic, and place it among the arts and sciences, where it rightly and properly belongs.


1 Foreword
3 Contents
1 Introduction (Dr. A.M. Wilson): Editor of the Sphinx
3 Personal Observations: about the author’s venture into magic
16 A Word On What Is To Follow: each item proven practical
18 An Opening: bowl and flower production
24 To The Colors; Or, The Makings Of A Nation: Silks and candles
31 A Diminishing Card: four stages
37 The Sure-Fire Handkerchief Pistol: handkerchief vanish
43 The Drumhead Target: stage effect
50 Candle Smoke: smoke produces a handkerchief
55 The Pedestal Top: several handkerchiefs produced from a board with a hole
61 The Automatic Release: method to perform string release on stage
66 With Four Coins: coins to hat for the stage
73 Prohibition: glass of wine turned to water
81 The Flower Cage: flower production from bird cage
85 A Borrowed Ring: borrowed finger ring vanishes from a box and appears visibly in picture frame
91 The Chest Of Chu Chin Chow: rice is poured into a box and vanishes
98 Blanc et Rouge: red blocks rearrange themselves in an instant to form a cross
105 The Candlestick Tray: an appearing candlestick
111 With A Billiard Ball: Billiard ball to matchbox
117 Jack Rose: a “drink” is mixed with silks that change into a single silk
122 The Wrist Stock: escape effect
129 The Rising Cards Again: cards are not forced and can be examined
135 The Borrowed Handkerchief And The Impenetrable Casket: handkerchief vanishes and is found in casket
143 The Crystal Card Trapeze: torn and restored card
150 An Instantaneous Rose-Bush: stage production
155 Divination: magician determines into which slot a metal bar is placed; can be repeated
162 Have A Smoke?: cigarettes and cigars appear instantly on a tray
167 Two At A Time: stage card effect
172 The Interrogatable Goblet: a glass answers questions

182 A Magical Appendix
182 Types Of Servante: two examples
184 Methods Of Palming Cards: for methods briefly shown
186 To Secretly Obtain A Silk Handkerchief: from a matchbox
187 A Black Art Table: example
188 Another Servante
189 The Coin Jar: coins fall into jar on command
191 “Le Tourniquet” Pass For Coins: sleight
192 The Use Of A Form: vanishing glass example, and others
195 Palming A Billiard Ball
196 The Pass: with cards
198 The False Shuffle: cards
199 The Force: using the pass

  • Publisher: Spon & Chamberlain
  • Pages: 200
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x8″
  • Date: 1922
  • Binding: hardbound

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