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Spirit Card Box (Streamline Moderne) by Dave Powell

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A beautiful walnut box is opened and the magician removes a deck of cards. A member of your audience freely selects any card from the deck, signs the face of it and you shuffle the card back into the deck. The deck is placed back into the box and the lid is closed.

The magician states that he will summon the spirits that live in the box to find the selected card. Slowly the lid opens on its own, and a single card slowly rises out of the box at which time the performer asks, “Is this your card?” The spectator replies, “No it’s not.”

Looking shocked, the magician says, “Oh,” as the card pops back down into the box quickly. “Spirits, you can do better than that. Come alive once more and make the correct card rise.” Suddenly, all of the cards begin to fly out of the box in a huge fountain and as the cards are flying, the magician reaches into the stream and plucks the signed card from all the others, catching it between his thumb and fingers. “Here is your signed, selected card,” he says to thunderous applause as he takes his bow.

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1 review for Spirit Card Box (Streamline Moderne) by Dave Powell

  1. Andy Martin

    Another Unique Miracle from Dave Powell!

    I think this is a bit of a sleeper that more people should know about from Dave Powell. The new version looks even nicer than the original version and is of course is beautifully crafted by Dave Powell himself in sunny California. The effect is also a huge crowd pleaser.

    A card is chosen, signed and returned back to the deck which is then shuffled and placed inside the box. The magician states he will cause the card to rise from the box. After much fanfare a single card eerily rises from the box, but it is not their card. Understandably upset the magician tries again and this time a whole stream of cards flies into the air – and the magician reaches into the stream with his thumb and fingers and catches a single card. Of course it is the signed and selected card.

    In many ways this can have the same impact of the card sword, without the need for the sword, which always requires a rather large performance area and is certainly a lot more bulky.

    The built in card fountain is very powerful and along with the other mechanisms makes for a flawless operation of a very impressive effect.

    Highly Recommended for performers requiring a real showy effect with the minimum of effort and expense!

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