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Rubik’s Puzzle Solving Box by Mel Babcock, Bob Meigs

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From an idea by Bob Meigs of Solana Beach, California.

Effect: A Rubik’s Cube is shown completely mixed up. It is placed in a box similar to a Die Box. The box is tipped from side to side a few times, after which the cube is shown to be partially solved. After a few more tilts, the cube appears fully solved except for just one square. The box is tilted a final time whereupon all of the doors are opened and the cube is tipped from the box and shown to be completely solved. The box may be turned completely upside down as the gimmick is automatically retained in the box.

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1 review for Rubik’s Puzzle Solving Box by Mel Babcock, Bob Meigs

  1. Andy Martin

    Mel is Back!

    It is always a great treat when I get a package from Mel Babcock and this weekend I received two wonderful items from him. The first is what looks like one of his beautiful Die Boxes and it is but with one difference: you start with a mixed up Rubik cube (aren’t they all?) and you finish with a completed cube, instead of it vanishing elsewhere.

    The idea is from Bob Meigs and Mel has crafted it with his usual impeccable style. During the routine as the cube is tipped back and forth the doors are opened and you see how it has been solved a little more each time.It is a real beauty.

    Highly Recommended for Collectors and Performers everywhere – go grab one now before they are all gone!

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