Rod Thru The Body by Abbott’s

(c. 1940) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

A perfect nightclub illusion that can be done surrounded. And a member of the audience may be used too.

Effect: The magician tells story of the old Chinese body stocks. A member of the audience is asked to assist, or Magician’s own assistant is introduced. The stocks are fitted around her body and held in place with shoulder straps. A solid chrome plated metal tube is shown, fitted into a hole in the stocks and slowly forced through girl’s body from the front and coming out at the back so that both ends of tube are in full view.

Now to prove that the rod does penetrate the girl’s body a funnel is placed into one end of tube, and a clear glass tumbler hung on the opposite end, a bottle of milk is then poured into the funnel and is seen to pour out of opposite end into the tumbler. Tube is withdrawn and the young lady is none the worse for her sensational experience.

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