Expose Vanish by Abbott’s, Frank Clinton

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This is our improved version of our Backstage Vanish. The credit for this improvement should go to Frank Clinton, as the first one was made for him and it was his idea. Articles used are: Tray with drape, glass filled with milk, and an iridescent plastic tube or cover.

Effect: the glass is covered and you explain that the glass of milk will vanish. You slide cover and glass along the tray, then hold the cover so that spectators can see through it. Just as they start to applaud, one end of the drape falls, exposing the glass hanging under the tray. Embarrassed, you apologize, asking for another chance to show how the trick should be done. You fix the drape and repeat the vanish, again showing the tube empty, saying, “The drape is not going to fall this time. I’ll be real fair with you and take it off.” Laughs are loud as no glass is showing.

A perfect vanish of a glass of milk has been accomplished. We supply the glass in lucite, already filled with milk liquid. No setting up – always ready.

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