Ribbon of Cleopatra by Limited Edition Magic

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The Ribbon of Cleopatra is a limited release of 12 units. It is a version of the rare and mechanically ingenious Siamese Ribbon by Alan Warner. The original cabinets, which have been long unavailable, were pieces of “micro magic” suitable only for extreme closeup performance. This version has been enlarged to “silkcabby size” (app. 7″ x4″ x3.5″) so it can be viewed by a much larger audience. It is also colorfully decorated in an Egyptian theme which complements two previous Limited Edition releases: The Egyptian Peg Box and Cleopatra’s Jewelry Chest.

Effect: A small decorative cabinet is displayed. The front and back doors are opened revealing a narrow ribbon which runs through the center of the cabinet from side to side (the ribbon ends run through slots with a short length left hanging outside of the cabinet at each side). The performer pulls the ribbon back and forth several times and then takes a pair of scissors and cuts the ribbon near one end …. so it’s clearly in two separate pieces. The doors are now closed, but the ends of the ribbon which protrude from the slots in the sides of the cabinet are still in full view.

The magic happens. The performer pulls on one end of the ribbon and the other end immediately moves! He continues pulling and the ribbon is removed – completely restored! The doors are reopened showing the interior of the cabinet to be empty and the ribbon may be handed to an audience member to keep as a souvenir of the miracle they just witnessed!

The design of the cabinet is truly diabolical. You can look into the front of the cabinet and see nothing. The walls are so thin, yet they conceal the clever system that makes it all work. It reminds me of the equally ingenious Blocks Of San Yen.

Included with the instructions is a DVD explaining reset and handling tips.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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