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Egyptian Peg Box by Limited Edition Magic

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Anyone receiving my lists knows I’m a big fan of Jack Hughes’ magic. While most are familiar with such classics as his Snake Basket, Hole In One, Visible Coins In Glass and so on one of the sleeper effects he created is his seldom seen: Peg Box. The effect is offbeat and clever, and the apparatus is not easy to find. It was first published in Goodliffe’s Abracadabra, Vol. 62, #1588 of July 3, 1976.

This latest release in the Ltd Edition line of magic is Hughes’ Peg Box with an improved cabinet, colorfully finished in an Egyptian theme.

A small decorative wooden box is displayed and turned upside down to dump out the contents ten simple wooden clothes pins and a length of rope. A number from one to ten is freely selected and the pegs/pins are tossed back inside the box. The piece of rope is then lowered into the box. The ends of the rope are always visible. The performer takes the ends of the rope and says the magic word. As he slowly lifts the rope from the box, the audience is surprised to see the freely chosen number of clothes pins are now firmly clipped to the rope!

The rope with attached pins may be handed out for examination! It’s a fun routine. For kids, it could be The Clothespins of Cleopatra. The method is clever. The cabinet has been improved in a number of ways to make working very easy. Included is the decorated cabinet, all necessary clothes pins, rope, and a copy of the Hughes instructions.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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