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Rib-Blok by James Swoger, Mark Jacobs

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Rib-Block was invented by Mark Jacobs and built by John Snyder c. 1942. Then James Swoger and more recently Jay Leslie. This is a James Swoger’s version.

While this effect resembles the old block and frame effect wherein the block and frame have a hole through them, through which a ribbon is threaded and block removed from frame while ends of ribbon are held by spectators, there is a vast difference in the method used since it is possible to pass both the block and frame before and after presentation, and to immediately repeat the effect without any false moves.

Effect: One of the “most clean” penetrations ever! A three and a half inch die is examined along with a corresponding red and black open bodied box. A length of ribbon is also handed to a volunteer to pull on, proving that it is solid. The ribbon is threaded through both sided of the box showing that it passes through. The ribbon is removed. The die is set in the box so the hole running through it lines up with the holes in the box. The ribbon is passes through the first hole, through the die and out of the second hole. Hocus Pocus!!! the die is removed from the box apparently melting through the ribbon. The ribbon is seen passing through both holes in the box.

  • No wax is used
  • No extra pieces of ribbon
  • The die is completely solid
  • Can be seen from the stage
  • Rounded corners on the die and holes in the box

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1 review for Rib-Blok by James Swoger, Mark Jacobs

  1. Andy Martin

    A Beautiful Penetration

    I just received this Rib Blok by James Swoger. Previously I owned the Jay Leslie remake, but this is the original version. This really is a very well produced work of art, the paint job is beautiful, and is right up there with Milson Worth.

    The effect whilst as old as the hills themselves, is a very clean penetration of the block from the ribbon and its easy to set-up. There are a few angle issues and the clever method takes a bit of practice to do smoothly, but once mastered you have an impossible illusion!

    If you’re a collector you’ll like this and if you’re a performer you’ll like this too!

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