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Quantimental by Ed Mellon, James Swoger

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Ed Mellon invented the amazing Quantimental c. 1957 and it was engineered by James Swoger for Ed.

Effect: The performer asks five spectators to secretly remove any of five cards. The performer may be in another room while this action is being completed. He may even be legitimately blindfolded As soon as the performer enters the room he knows who has each card.

Various presentations are possible from E.S.P to a Bank Night Out even a personality profile. Your presentation can be strait forward or you can dress it up to suit your style. Well written instructions are included along with five cards and the special stand. Quantimental does not use any electronics or mechanized parts. It is simple and effective. There is no fishing for information. You don’t need to ask any questions. You know who has what card. All you have to do is wrap a presentation around it.

  • No stooges
  • No batteries
  • No motors
  • No assistants
  • No code work
  • No forcing
  • No trick cards
  • No sleight of hand

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1 review for Quantimental by Ed Mellon, James Swoger

  1. Andy Martin

    A very clever device that never runs out of batteries!

    I used to have the remake of this from Jay Leslie, but this is the original built by James Swogar. The method is much cleverer than you might imagine and really quite amazing to use.

    It allows you to be out of the room and still know who chose which card. A clever principle makes it all possible to do without any magnets or electronics, with a very simple reset.

    The stand is solid and well made and this item is surely a keeper, with many uses that will become apparent as you work with it.

    Highly Recommended for Magicians and Mentalists!

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