Shoot Till You Win (Balloon Table) by Remote Control Magic Company

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Remote Control Magic Company was run by Paul Ruben in California. This effect is a poor man’s version of Collectors’ Workshop’s P.T. Barnum’s Delight. It works well but the quality of the electronics and mechanics was no Nick Ruggiero.

Effect: You show a table with 3 balloons, staggered in height sitting on top of 3 poles. In front of the stands is a gift box. The spectator is asked to shoot at one of the balloons. Whichever one of the 3 balloons they select you have full control over popping, via remote. When they shoot one balloon contains feathers, another smoke and the other glitter. You also have, at your control, the ability to have them miss and shoot off the drape from the table! You try to console the spectator by telling them it doesn’t always work so instead they’ll get the gift box. As they approach the box a spring snake shoots out. Giving everyone a big laugh. What’s next??? At your command, a banner drops to reveal an earlier selected card or other message.

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Approx. Price: $795.00 (1999) ***

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