Power Box by Collectors’ Workshop

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Effect: So named because of the pure power of its presentation. Performer cuts a length of rope into mini sections. The sections are stuffed into a small, gleaming brass box. “Now for the magic,” announces the performer. “Of course, to perform magic I need an emotional commitment from you, the audience. And, I have found that emotional commitments are closely tied to financial commitments. Does anyone have a $100 bill?” Performer borrows the bill. “I know what you’re thinking – you’re saying I need to make a commitment, too!” Performer inserts I his own $1 bill. “There, now we have about 50 bucks each invested in this trick.”

Making magical manual manifestations over the box (yes, waving one’s hand) the performer begins to turn the crank. As he does so, the rope, restored, begins to appear from the front of the box. Performer s self-satisfied grin disappears, however, as the crank begins to jam. “Hmmm, must need a little heat,” says the performer. A cigarette lighter is applied to the bottom of the box and a ball of flame shoots from the box. The crank works. The fully restored rope is cranked out. Now, the performer opens the front and back doors of the box. Holding the box at face level, he blows it out, producing only one balled-up bill. Retrieving the intact bill, the performer breathes a sigh of relief “Heeeyyy, it’s my bill.” The lending spectator is understandably upset, so performer hands him the rope. “I know lots of folks who would pay $100 for a great rope trick.” Needless to say this is hardly satisfactory. So, the performer retrieves the scissors, cuts the rope, and inside the rope is the spectator’s borrowed bill.

It’s wacky and whimsical. It’s also first class entertainment. Comes complete with full routine and patter.

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Approx. Price: $190.00 (2000) ***

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