Art of Mentalism by Robert Cassidy

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Details: Originally published by Collector’s Workshop in 1983, this extraordinary book sold out quickly and has been unavailable in hardbound ever since. The Wait Is Over! Robert Cassidy’s The Art Of Mentalism has long been described as one of the books comprising the ‘bible of mentalism’.

Ground-breaking and ageless insight, methods and effects that will not only stimulate you but increase your worth as a performer. More than 90 pages of select material in a neat 8 1/2″ x 11″ format. This is a bona fide find for those in the know.

Top quality production with gold gilt lettering on the green binding complete with dust cover. Flax-colored pages make this an easy read.


8 Publisher’s Note
9 Introduction
9 The Presentation of Mentalism
15 Handling the Audience
18 Audience Reading-The Major Effect Of Mentalism
25 The Final Version of the Three Envelope Test
35 The Two Envelope Test (aka The White Dwarf)
36 A Picture and a Word
37 The Atlas Test
39 The Esquire Magazine Test
41 Playing Cards in Mentalism
42 – A Bottom Line Premonition
44 – The New Thought Card Revelation
45 – ESP Duplication Effect
47 – The Pendulum
49 – The Dowsing Rods
50 – Clue Outdone
51 – Shake Up
52 – The Perfect Mental Card Force
54 Pocket Writing With Le Paul
57 The Seance
60 The 719 BookTcst
62 The Memory Drive
64 The Fund Raiser
65 Phone Book Test I
68 Phone Book Test II
68 The Verified Total Prediction
70 Mind Reading With Ashes
72 A New Look At Billet Work
74 – The Modem Billet Holdout
74 – Tips On Billet Work
75 The Nail Writer (Two Effects)
76 – The Juke Box Test
77 – The Religious Coin
78 Russian Roulette
84 Neuro Linguistic Thought Reading
85 Centerbum
86 A Trivial Miracle
88 The Contract*
91 The Ethics of Mentalism

  • Publisher: Collector’s Workshop
  • Pages: 92
  • Location: McAllen, TX, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1983, 2002
  • Binding: hardbound

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