Pineapple Block Penetration (Miracle Block) by Ed Massey

(c. 1950) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Ed Massey created two versions of this incredible block penetration. He began with this version which relies on a cleverly constructed block, but there are no moving parts. He then created a second version which was perfected by Richard Resor as the Supreme Block Penetration.  Bill Adam’s of World of Magic also created a version of the Resor block called On The Square.

This is a finely made block and this is what George Robinson of Viking Mfg. said:

“Who ever made this for him did a good job.
I wonder how they got the tension on that.”

A great item and this is the only one I have seen like it.  There are no instructions for this and I could find no information on it, but it easy to do once you have it in your hands.  If you have more information on this rare item please contact me 🙂

Effect: A large decorative block is shown and threaded with a red ribbon. Each end of ribbon is handed to a spectator to hold with block in center. The block is briefly covered with a silk handkerchief and  moments later the block falls from the ribbon.

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This does not come with any instructions.

Approx. Price: $250.00 (2022) ***

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