Mechanical Block Off Cord by Resor

Although I love the classic Block Cord effect there is no doubt that some magicians and collectors are just looking for the cool gimmicks.  Well this bad boy delivers for sure!  It looks like a basic 3″ cube with cord but does not require any moves or sleights to remove the cord.  It just comes off precisely when you want it to.  Although there is nothing added or taken away and the action is 100% automatic, I’m not quite sure what is going on inside the block – it is a bit like the parting of the Red Sea, one minute there is an opening the next there is not!

The spectator can look  closely at the block too and they’ll see nothing.  However, if they try the effect themselves they too could inadvertently pull the cord through (although they’ed have to know which angle to pull from).  I personally would only let them handle it briefly and would probably perform the penetration under a silk just to add to the mystery, but you certainly could do it out in the open if you desired.

A very clever effect from days gone by.

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This does not come with any instructions.

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