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Daring Spring Trap by Abbott’s

(c. 1949) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: A spring trap is shown. The device is set and the performer shows the effectiveness of the trap by placing a pencil (or pretzel stick or bread stick) between the heavy spring jaws. The trap is sprung – Bang! – breaking the pencil (or shattering the pretzel or bread stick) The trap is re-set and the magician places his hand near the trap – withdraws it and continues speaking to the audience about the trap. This back and forth by-play continues a number of times and, when the tension is at its highest, the magician actually places his hand into the trap which springs shut. The spectators may assist in removing the performer’s UNHARMED hand from the trap. A truly unique piece of entertainment!

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1 review for Daring Spring Trap by Abbott’s

  1. Steve Thomas

    Abbott’s Daring Spring Trap

    This is a very nice item in the right hands. While not an effect, per se, it’s great to use in a card revelation (which is what I do). It’s basically just a standard animal trap without teeth. If you want to do comedy magic it’s for you, if you want to do magick, you can use this and if you want to do geek, this will fit the bill. Very underused, but that’s good for those of us who do use it. While it’s a little scary the first few times, I recommend giving it a try.

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