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Blue Phantom (Limited Edition Copper) by Andy Hurst

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The Blue Phantom was invented by Viennese magician Hans Trunk c. 1924 who called it “Das blaue Wunder” (The Blue Wonder). It was introduced to the USA c. 1930 by Thayer Quality Magic as “The Blue Phantom” and it became an instant hit, and has been doing well ever since. It is also known as: The Chinese Clock and The Traveling Checker.

This is an amazing version of the Blue Phantom built in the UK by British Craftsman Andy Hurst at eMagictricks. To my mind this is even better than the very popular version version created by Tony Lackner and sold by Harold Voit. What I particularly like about this item is that instead of having a spring load to “make the magic happen” it uses a screw mechanism which seems to work better.

The copper version released by Andy Hurst is the best version he has created. It seems to have a smaller base (but I think it is an optical illusion), but the mechanism certainly appears to work more smoothly.

Effect: The standard effect is clean and simple: Several separate checkers are stacked on the rod with the blue one at the top. They are then covered by the cylinder. Upon lifting the cylinder, it is seen that the blue checker has mysteriously moved to the center of the stack! The cylinder is replaced and it once again removed only to find the blue checker has melted all the way down to the bottom of the stack! The checkers are then removed one by one and shown once again to be just seven solid and separate checkers.

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