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Manchurian Dragon Sticks by Arlen Studio

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You can read more about the Chinese Sticks here.

Effect: The Manchurian Dragon Sticks have recreated the original effect and themed it with an Old World mystical look that will appeal to those whose taste in magic leans towards the discriminating.

You know the effect. Hold the sticks together at their ends. Pull the tassel of one stick down. When you pull the other tassel down, the first tassel rises up by itself! When you pull the first tassel down again, the second tassel now rises up! Your audience, at first enchanted with the routine, now figures that the sticks are connected at the back ends. You separate the sticks. Magically, when one tassel is pulled down, the other tassel still rises up!

Manufactured by Arlen Studio, the sticks are made of genuine bamboo, finished with hand-cast dragon heads.

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Approx. Price: $100.00 (2002) ***

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1 review for Manchurian Dragon Sticks by Arlen Studio

  1. Andy Martin

    Nice and Different

    These are not quite the best Chinese Sticks I have ever owned, but they still are very nice and certainly the most unusual. They are smooth, have a good weight and would look wonderful in any collection or for performance.

    Keep an eye on Arlen Studios, they are going places.

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