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Obedient Orange by GEM Magic

(c. 1890,1985) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This effect first appeared in Professor Hoffman’s More Magic c. 1890 (pg. 279 – under The Obedient Ball. (Improved)) invented by  J. Learoyd of Halifax.  But also shows up in Mahatma Vol. 8 as Mephisto’s Obedient Orange c. 1904, and again in  Thayer’s Catalog #8 c.1936 as  being created by El Barto (James Barton).  So no shortage of people taking credit for this effect 🙂  The effect is now marketed by Viking Mfg. when they purchased the rights from GEM Magic.

Effect: An unprepared orange (which may be provided by an audience member) is threaded on a ribbon by means of a large needle. The needle is removed from the ribbon and the end of the ribbon knotted.

The orange is now allowed to slide along the ribbon, sliding down rapidly or slowly, even coming to complete stops, at the command of the performer. The orange is always under the complete control of the performer. Finally, the ribbon is pulled from the orange and the orange is tossed out to the audience for examination.

Note: this also works with apples or just about any fruit.

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