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Match to Flower by GEM Magic

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The Match to Flower effect was invented by American Vaudeville cigarette manipulator Earl Morgan c. 1940. The original is an exclusive Ireland Magic Co. (now Magic Inc.) prop, but it has been widely pirated.

Effect: The Gem Match To Flower is a professional gimmick used by leading performers the world over. The flower itself will fool a butterfly.

The performer reaches for a match to light a candle or his cigarette. Upon doing so, he blows the flame out and instantly a beautiful silk carnation appears. This can be placed in your coat top pocket or in a small bud-vase on your table; or it can be handed to your assistant as a token of gratitude.

Comes in either red, pink or white carnation. If you do not choose a color we will send what we have on hand. To select a color mention this in the ‘notes’ section of our order form.

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Approx. Price: $15.00 (2001) ***

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