Norman’s Think-A-Bell by Jack Hughes

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The Great Norman (Norman Hazeldene) invented an effect called Norman’s Exclusive Triangles and Jack Hughes created his version with his own touches and this is the result. It appears in World of Magic – Vol. 2.

Effect: Six wooden cut-out bells, each of a different color, are displayed and a spectator is allowed an entirely free choice of three of them. All the bells are now dropped into a box one at a time, each going into a separate compartment. A wand is now run through the box by means of the slots in the sides, which action impales the bell s as wall. The wand is raised, lifting all the bells from the box to show that this is actually so. They are lowered back into the box, wand removed, and thrust through once more by the performer; but on raising the wand this time it is seen that only three bells are impaled and they are the selected ones!

Remaining three are tipped from the box (or lifted out on the wand) and everything is freely displayed once more.

Here is Robert Harbin’s routine that you might prefer:

After the bells have been selected and all six placed in the box and the wand thrust through, the whole affair is covered with a handkerchief. The spectator is asked to grasp one end of the wand beneath the handkerchief, concentrate on the colours he selected and then raise the wand a little; the handkerchief is removed, but it is seen that all the bells are impaled. You admonish the spectator telling him that he is not concentrating sufficiently.

The wand is removed, handkerchief replaced over the box and he is asked to thrust the wand through himself, performer raising the handkerchief on spectator’s side for him to do so. He is asked to concentrate once more but harder! Of course, this time you have done the necessary and when the bells are raised again he has been successful, the three selected ones being impaled upon the wand.

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