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No Tear Torn and Restored Newspaper by Tony Stevens

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This is my favorite Torn & Restored newspaper effect, and you can keep reusing the same newspaper for years!

Effect: The classic no tear torn and restored newspaper now comes complete with a full instructional DVD. Chapters include performance, explanation, bonus tips and a chapter on jokes/gags, that are perfect for this routine.

Show several torn pieces of newspaper, read a joke from each piece. In the blink of an eye the pieces restore into a full newspaper.The paper can be shown both back and front, this looks amazing.

The included DVD takes you through everything step by step. Comes complete and ready to perform with the newspaper and routine

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Approx. Price: $30.00 (1998) ***

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1 review for No Tear Torn and Restored Newspaper by Tony Stevens

  1. dream_catcher

    Great Effect

    This efect is really great. There is no set up really or anything. THe gimmick is really ingenius. A whole newspaper is restorn from pieces of paper you pull out, and when finished, you can flip through the paper front to back, showing the audience all the pages, without worry of being found out. A+++++++

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