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Through The Needle (Thread it) by Owen Magic Supreme

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Thread It was invented c. 1921 by Harold Comden (the originator of The Topit). In the original version there was no spool, and the gimmick was just cupped in the hand. Both Supreme or Abbott’s came out their close-up versions c. 1956, but I’m not sure who was first or precisely when this beautiful Stage and Parlor version came out from Owen’s.

A giant, stainless steel sewing needle is examined by the audience. A ribbon is threaded through slots is a large wooden spool. The needle is lowered into the hole at the top of the spool, never fully leaving sight of the audience. When the needle is lifted out, the ribbon is seen to be threaded through the eye of the needle. Unusual effect and props by Owen.

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1 review for Through The Needle (Thread it) by Owen Magic Supreme

  1. Andy Martin

    Easy and Very, Very Convincing

    I love it when you get a trick that is clever, well made, and so easy to do!

    This is one such effect and I tried it out tonight and my daughter was blown away.

    Basically the needle becomes threaded onto the ribbon in a seemingly impossible manner. Very clean and straight forward magic.

    Great job and so easy to do!

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