Thread It by Supreme Magic Company, Harold Comden

(c. 1921,1956) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Thread It was invented c. 1921 by Harold Comden (the originator of The Topit). In the original version there was no spool, and the gimmick was just cupped in the hand.

It is unclear whether Supreme or Abbott’s came out with this first – their versions are pretty much identical, and the timing is very close to each other.

Effect: You get a wooden spool, an outsize 12″ metal needle, a length of ribbon. In the original presentation, the magician threads the ribbon through the fingers of his left hand; inserts the examined needle into the hand, pulling it out again threaded onto the ribbon. Another method of threading the needle by magic is to place the ribbon through the slot in the bobbin, insert the needle and Voila! it’s threaded!

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