Multum en Parvo Deluxe by Visual Magic

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This is a newer version of the effect that was popularized in the 1960’s by the Dutch magic Dealer: Mephisto-Huis, using the method created by Malaysian magician and inventor, Tan Hock Chuan.

Tan Hock Chuan published his version in The Magic Wand (Vol. 36, 1947) after reading an effect that was credited to Benson DuLay in The Magic Wand (Vol. 35, 1946) called: Milko Multum Im Parvo. DuLay’s version was considerably more complex and required the use of a custom glasses, table and tray and although the effect was pretty much the same, once you had seen Tan Hock Chuan’s version that was 100% self contained in the glasses, there was little reason to ever use the DuLay version again. In Bart Whaley’s wonderful resource, Who’s Who in Magic, Benson Dulay is credited as the creator of Multum in Parvo, and Burtini even won 1st Prize for the Invention, at the 1948 FISM. This is accurate, but the version that everyone sees and has used pretty much since is the self-contained version created by Tan Hock Chuan. Indeed, in Tan Hock Chuan’s original version he actually vanishes the small tumbler at the end using a Squash style gimmick, which makes for an even more impressive ending to an already clever routine.

Effect: The normal routine is as follows: You start with a small glass of milk and proceed to fill the next bigger one with the previous sized glass. In the end you have filled the jug from the small glass. Then to top it off you fill every single glass with milk too! Beautiful!

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

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