Modern Sliding Die Box by Supreme Magic Company

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Effect: Our Modern Sliding Die Box is something to be proud of and a departure from the old-fashioned cabinet type of box. It is a beautiful piece of equipment made entirely in wood and lacquered blue, black and gold. Die is 3.5″ square, black  with white spots.

A box with two compartments and four doors is shown and the die is placed inside. The magician makes the die vanish by tipping the box and opening one door al a time. The audience clearly hear the die sliding back and forwards in the box. The die can be shewn in the box at anytime during the routine – the cries of the audience work up to an excited shriek, they are so convinced that they know how it is done.

After all the sucker byplay, the magician opens all four doors at the box, showing right through it. The die has vanished. Finally, the missing die is produced from a borrowed hat.

With its element of mystery and bafflement, to say nothing of the hilarious sucker gags which always brings plenty of eager audience participation, the Die Box is a sure entertainment feature on any Magicians program . Now with our improved design box it is even better than ever.  We sup ply it complete with a full routine that’s an all-laughter success with any audience.

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Approx. Price: $200.00 (2020) ***

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