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Rainbow Die Box (Small) by Mel Babcock

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When it comes to Die Boxes, Mel Babcock really is in a league of his own. If you have never experienced the giddy feeling you get when you receive one of his packages you are truly missing out on one of Magic’s great experiences!

This latest version of the Die Box, apparently based on an old Thayer design but apart from the one lone reference in Dr Albo Book II I cannot find any other reference to a Thayer Rainbow or Multicolor Die Box. But I can find dozens of references to Richard Himber’s Rainbow Die Box c. 1955 including an entry in Bart Whaley’s Who’s Who in Magic and many ads in Genii, Hugard’s Magic Monthly. Interestingly, in Dr. Albo’s book where it has a color photo of the Multicolor Die Box – Thayer it is right next to a Himber Die Box, and I can’t help wonder if that was a typo. I also could find no reference to the Multicolor or Rainbow Die Box in the two volume Ultimate Thayer (Albo, Schwarz, c. 2010.) Either way Mel read the idea from what he believes was a Thayer design even though every other source says Richard Himber created the first Rainbow Die Box.

This is small version of Mel’s Rainbow Die Box, and talk about cute.

Effect: A beautiful, regulation size Die Box with all deluxe features and two dice is shown. When first shown the dice appear to be red; then turn out to be yellow. An optical illusion? No, one is shown to be red, the other yellow. Finally they change into a green die and a blue die!

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2 reviews for Rainbow Die Box (Small) by Mel Babcock

  1. Andy Martin

    Always an Incredible Delight!

    Wow! Whenever you are feeling blue, just order a work of art from Mel Babcock and you will be happy again! This Small Rainbow Die box is a rare treat for sure! So often we buy a trick and we immediately look for the next one. With Mel’s work you always want to linger.

    This version of his Rainbow Die Box carries all of the traits of its larger brother, just smaller. You can read my review here.

    I can’t express how wonderful I felt as I opened my package today!

    A wonderful, wonderful piece of craftsmanship.

    Highly recommended!

  2. Todd Dowell

    Absolutely Perfect!

    The small Rainbow Die Box is the perfect size for close up or parlor work. The workmanship is superior to anything I have seen. This is absolutely perfect!

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