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Mandarin Transformation by RNT II

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This was a treasured feature of the original Rings ‘n’ Things and remade again here by RNT II.

Effect: Orange, rice and checkers is a classical magical effect. The innovative and unique features has required that it be renamed, Mandarin Transformation. Massive in stature — gleaming in finish — beautiful at rest, Mandarin Trans­formation takes on a life of its own when presented before an audience. The finely balanced checkers are all individual and each moves independently!!

The first truly mobile stacks of checkers for this effect has been incorporated into Man­darin Transformation. The loading of the rice is done through a top-load feature, which means not only convenience, but efficiency. It displays no blatant colors, figures or designs. Its simple lines are classical and tasteful looking as if they were designed for the discriminating few.

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1 review for Mandarin Transformation by RNT II

  1. MIke Russell, Myklar The Ordinary

    The REAL Orange, Rice, and Checkers

    I was blessed to have bought one of these at an IBM Convention. There were only 50 of these ever made, and I have set no. 43. It is my favorite all time illusion, and my audiences have always been absolutely enthralled with my performance of it. I can perform it after a major illusion and still get as much applause as I do for the "big" stuff. I only give it 5 stars because that’s all the site gives me. They don’t have enough stars to rate this properly. This was Rings n Things at its finest.

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