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Imperial Rice, Orange, And Checkers by Mak Magic

Another great stage item from Mak Magic.

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2 reviews for Imperial Rice, Orange, And Checkers by Mak Magic

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Andy Martin

    Classic MAK with a very magical Finish.

    This is a well made, bright and colorful effect that has a very magical finish. The set-up is straight forward and the working is smooth with no real issues and it is easy to perform.

    Basically in effect you show some rice that you pour into the center canister. Then you show an orange and place it under the right hand Tube and under the left hand tube you have some checkers which can be seen to be separate.

    When the Magic happens everything changes places: the orange goes to the center canister which can now be turned upside down and shown empty. The checkers appear where the orange was and the rice appears loose uner the tube where the checkers were. The changes are quite amazing to see and are easy to acomplish. The only downside I find with effects like this is an entertaining patter line.

    This is classic MAK Magic in a nutshell and for many magicians this is just what they are looking for!

  2. Rated 2 out of 5

    David A Seebach

    Tepid Imitation

    The original Thayer Rice, Orange & Checkers has spawned some imitations. This one is weak.
    The elegant beauty of the original design is not reproduced in the cheap MAK Magic version. And, the clever vase for vanishing the rice has been replaced by something less effective and much less beautiful.
    I’m all for bright, showy —even gaudy— props. Some might take offense at the yellow faces, but my distaste for this is NOT based on that.
    If Hollywood was making a motion picture that featured a young, bumbling wanna-be magician, this is the gear the prop man would furnish to set the sequence.
    Compare this to the original Rings’N’Things’ Mandarin Transformation (now a multi-thousand dollar collectors’ item) and its much simpler —and much better— look.
    Or, invest in either the too-small traditional Rice, Orange & Checkers still produced by California’s Owen Magic Supreme or their terrific stage-sized Rice, Grapefruit & Checkers (you’ll be taking out a 2nd mortgage for this one!).
    I own all three and use the Mandarin Transformation and Rice, Grapefruit & Checkers frequently.

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