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Magic Show Pistol by Magic Hands

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Effect:  The first effect is an amazing card trick wherein freely chosen card is pierced by a dart fired from an air pistol. The second effect is an unbelievable bullet catching routine.

Briefly, the first effect is as follows. You show your audience a deck of cards (Aviator Bridge) and have a spectator freely choose one, note it and return it to the pack.  Next you display a large disc some 30 cm (12 inches) in diameter, the surface of which is coated with an adhesive material. A number of the cards are placed on the disc in the manner illustrated and the disc is then attached to an attractive stand which we also provide. Another spectator is invited to choose a dart from a wide selection of different colored darts made available.

The dart may be marked by the spectator in any manner he chooses and is loaded into the pistol (by the spectator if you wish) and the weapon is handed back to you. The disc is then set spinning and, taking quick aim from a distance of 3-4 meters (10-15 feet), you fire the pistol. The dart magically pierces the chosen card and embeds itself in the disc. Upon removal of the dart, the spectator may be given the pierced card as a souvenir.

The second effect is a new twist on the internationally famous bullet catching routine made famous by some of the greatest names in the history of magic. With the equipment we provide, you may now perform this timeless routine. The publicity effect of this effect alone is invaluable. A spectator is invited forward to choose a dart from a wide selection of different colored ones presented to him. The choice is absolutely free and no force is involved. These darts, by the way, are real! He may mark the dart in any manner he chooses and then is allowed to load it into the pistol. A balloon is inflated and, as in the illustration, held in front of your face.

The spectator takes aim, fires, and the balloon is burst while the dart is found between your teeth. Examination shows that it is the same dart that the spectator marked and loaded into the pistol. We should now point out that there is no danger to you while performing this spectacular effect! Two stunning effects complete with all accessories

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1 review for Magic Show Pistol by Magic Hands

  1. Andy Martin

    Two Tricks in One!

    This is pretty sweet … I almost sold it a while back, then got it out and realised how much fun it is! You start off by showing a deck of cards all different and having one chosen and lost back in the pack. Then you take some of the cards and stick them all over the wooden board.

    You give the gun to a spectator to load and then start spinning the board, firing the gun as it spins. The card that is hit is there card!

    Now, having shown how real the gun is you can move into the next feature: have the gun loaded again. Blow up a balloon and give the gun to the spectator to aim at the balloon – that is held in your mouth by your teeth. They shoot, the balloon pops and in your teeth is the feather dart!

    Wow! This is fun after all! From the now defunct magic hands.

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