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Magic Lamp by Extreme Reality Illusions, Billy Diamond

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The Milk in Light bulb effect was invented by Max Londono c. 1950.

Extreme Reality Illusions was started by illusionist Billy Diamond and this was one of the first lamps actually made by Billy Diamond for distribution. It has been knocked off by four people over the years down to the exact workings. However, Billy’s more recent ones (c. 2019) were a reworked better design and were never sold to dealers. His lamp can be seen on Masters Of Illusions, Australia’s Got Talent and other TV shows. Billy is proud to say that several magic legends own this, and it has become quite a collectable item.

Effect: A tall floor type lamp is seen on stage. The magician walks over and turns the light on. He then makes a glass of milk, a silk, or a bill vanish using his favorite method. At the precise moment the vanish occurs the light goes out in the lamp. He removes the lamp shade and the bulb is unscrewed from the socket. The vanished milk, silk, or money is poured (or pulled) from the bulb.


  • No need for an off stage assistant.
  • Magician controls the precise timing the light goes out!
  • Lamp stands Approximately Five feet tall making it a nice visual effect.
  • The solid shade is made of a very durable fabric and has a Victorian look.
  • The whole prop breaks down for packing…including the shade!

A Note From Extreme Reality Illusions I would like to acknowledge that I am not the inventor of the Milk in Light Bulb trick, although I wish I would have thought of it. So, I applaud the inventor and thank him for his contribution to the magic community. I simply saw a need in which to make this effect better. I saw other remote control versions of this on the market and was not impressed. The lamps looked gimmicked. I wanted something for my show that looked like I had just grabbed it from my living room. So, here is the result of my pursuit. And again, let’s applaud the original inventor because that is truly where the credit is due!

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Approx. Price: $235.00 (2002) ***

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1 review for Magic Lamp by Extreme Reality Illusions, Billy Diamond

  1. Andy Martin

    Looks like a real lamp and works great!

    This is a wonderful effect where you turn a light on, take a silk handkerchief and shoot it at the light. The bulb goes out, the silk dissappears only to be found inside the light bulb.

    This version looks like a genuine lamp that could be found in your living room today, and its remote controlled too. Very sweet!

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