Ultra Card Levitation by Bob Solari Magic

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Effect: Performer hands out two playing cards for examination. One of the cards is placed on the performers empty palm. Slowly this card begins to levitate off the performers hand! The card remains suspended approximately one inch above the performers hand! The second playing card is passed below the suspended card proving it has no means of physical support from below. Slowly the suspended card begins to descend back to the performers palm!


  • No threads,
  • no wires,
  • no magnets,
  • perform under any lighting conditions,
  • card is under performers control at all times,
  • learn in minutes,
  • extra gimmick is included so you can levitate a dollar bill, business card, etc…
  • Complete with photo illustrated instructions.

Gimmick supplied in Bicycle.

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Approx. Price: $9.95 (2007) ***

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