Loring Checker Mystery by Haenchen, Loring Campbell

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This Checker Mystery was suggested by Loring Campbell and is quite different from checker cabinets produced by other dealers, and also different from the c. 1929 Chinese Checker Mystery created by Haenchen (see final photo). Vida Haenchen did all the artwork on the Haenchen items; she designed the dragons.

Effect: A beautiful cabinet decorated in Chinese red and gold, a stack of seven differently colored checkers four inches in diameter, and a handsome cover are seen. The cabinet has front and back doors so that one may see right thru it . The doors are opened to show it empty; then three glasses of water and two large silks are produced !

The cover is shown empty and placed m one side of the cabinet The checkers are placed in the other side , then the doors are closed PRESTO! The doors are opened and the cover raised The checkers have changed sides, passing thru the solid partition and the metal cover! The cover is placed over one of the glasses of water on the table. CHANGEO! The checkers are under the cover and the glass of water is in the cabinet!

The glass now passes back to the cover on the table , while the checkers pass into the other side of the cabinet. Finally , the magician nonchalantly produces a fourth glass of water! The effect is a seeming miracle, for each side of the cabinet is apparently little larger than a single glass, yet it is entirely self contained The checkers may be shown separate at any time.

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