Triangle Tube by Haenchen

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Louis Histed is considered the originator of the Square Circle using black-art. However, Fred Haenchen has been using the Triangle Tube in his act c. 1927, and could possibly be the fore-runner to Histed’s Square Circle.

Effect: The original and by far the best, production of this nature. The magician shows a large tube and a three-fold screen to be positively empty. Forming the screen into a triangle, he places a plain board on top, making a table on which he stands the tube.

Then a huge production is made from the tube! Silks, Flowers, etc. This outfit has every known advantage plus many new improvements. The routine is really logical, which is a vast improvement in itself. Needs no other table. May be worked very close up and even with the audience all around!

The center of the hinged panel is open at all times allowing a view of the interior throughout the routine…Superior Quality and Craftsmanship.

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