Isolated Gold by El Duco’s Magic

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Effect: A borrowed gold ring vanishes, only to visibly reappear in a glass isolated under a glass cover. Borrow a finger ring from a spectator. Place the ring inside a small wooden box. The box is locked and held by the spectator. Next, bring out a glass cover resting on a wooden base. Inside the cover is a small wine glass. Show every piece on all sides, then set it up again. Explain that the ring will fly from the box into the glass under the cover. Ask the spectator to look at the glass and concentrate. On your command, the ring flies from the box into the glass! The spectators can see and hear when the ring reaches the glass!

You are nowhere near the glass when the ring arrives! Yet, it is under your control at all times, and works automatically! Lift the cover and let the spectator take her ring form the glass. A powerful effect!!


  • The Ring Box: beautifully made in mahogany with brass decorations on the lid. The box can be locked.
  • The Glass Cover: Six inches tall by 4 inches across.
  • The Wine Glass.
  • The Base: Made of beautifully lacquered wood, containing the full mechanism.

It works with a precision wind-up motor. You can set the delay up to 20 seconds before the release of the ring. It is 100% safe in function. The routine may be performed surrounded! We are really proud to present a piece of magic as finely made as Isolated Gold.

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Approx. Price: $322.00 (2007) ***

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