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The Missing Key by El Duco’s Magic

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Effect: This is a direct and baffling mental effect with common objects! You display three key cases, the type where you press on the sides of the case and the key falls out hanging from a chain. You open the cases and each case has a key marked with a DIFFERENT COLOR. Put the keys into the cases and mix them. Place the cases on the table and ask a spectator to try to find the case with the red key. This is like “3 Card Monte”. If the spectator is lucky he will select the right case, maybe not.

Say something like “I will make it easier for you and more difficult for me ” and show a fourth key case which has an engraved question mark on the outside. This case contains your prediction. Place it in full view on the table. You now put the keys back into the cases. Shuffle the cases and place them in front of a spectator. He selects ONE case. Absolutely NO FORCE!

You pick up the selected case and your prediction case. Give the selected one to the spectator. HE OPENS IT – OUT FALLS NOTHING!!! The selected key has DISAPPEARED!!! Only the chain is hanging there. Open the remaining cases and the keys are still there. NOW, you open your prediction case – OUT FALLS THE MISSING KEY!!

A first class miracle very easy to perform. No magnets, no extra keys, no gimmicks to hide. Comes complete with genuine reindeer LEATHER CASES, the keys and instructions.

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