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Impossible Double Hole Wrist Chopper (Painted) by Fairchild Entertainment

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Ben Stone invented the Two Hole Wrist Chopper and you can read more here.

This is one of my favorite illusions. Unlike most chopper illusions this defies explanation because at the end the blade which can be examined is clearly surrounding the wrists with no explanation at all how it could have penetrated them. If you are looking to spice up your parlor or stage act this is large enough to see and amaze, but small enough to pack!

You can see the all natural wood version of this effect here.

Effect: An audience member or two are invited to inspect the fine hard wood stocks and metal blade. Magician then demonstrates how the blade fits into the stocks. The blade is then lifted up so the volunteer(s) can place their hands through the holes in the wooden stocks, below the blade.

Their wrists are then handcuffed together, locking them into the stocks. The blade is then pushed down into the stocks. Passing through the volunteers wrists without harm. The wooden stocks are then dismantled, showing each part.

The spectators wrists are seen to be locked inside the holes of the blade. And the handcuffs are still locked around their wrists- Making this utterly IMPOSSIBLE!

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1 review for Impossible Double Hole Wrist Chopper (Painted) by Fairchild Entertainment

  1. Bob Meigs

    The "No Fear" Chopper

    This well made apparatus really fills the bill, now that guillotines and other "threatening" apparatus are banned from some venues. It can be played as a "chopper," but the blade doesn’t even pretend to be sharp. This gives the performer the option of playing this piece in a completely non-threatening manner.

    You have to change your patter and give up the tried and true guillotine jokes, but you can adapt this easily any audience. And it really sells – , it’s more of a fooler than most choppers and guillotines.

    At my venues, I’ve had to give up some beloved routines, including my Dante sword-thru-ncek, sawings, and anything that even looks like a gun. So it’s nice to have a "chopper’ that I can still use, and that really entertains.

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