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Impossible Double Hole Wrist Chopper by Fairchild Entertainment

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Ben Stone invented the Two Hole Wrist Chopper and you can read more here.

This is one of my favorite illusions. Unlike most chopper illusions this defies explanation because at the end the blade which can be examined is clearly surrounding the wrists with no explanation at all how it could have penetrated them. If you are looking to spice up your parlor or stage act this is large enough to see and amaze, but small enough to pack!

You can see the painted version of this effect here.

Effect: An audience member or two are invited to inspect the fine hard wood stocks and metal blade. Magician then demonstrates how the blade fits into the stocks. The blade is then lifted up so the volunteer(s) can place their hands through the holes in the wooden stocks, below the blade.

Their wrists are then handcuffed together, locking them into the stocks. The blade is then pushed down into the stocks. Passing through the volunteers wrists without harm. The wooden stocks are then dismantled, showing each part.

The spectators wrists are seen to be locked inside the holes of the blade. And the handcuffs are still locked around their wrists- Making this utterly IMPOSSIBLE!

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2 reviews for Impossible Double Hole Wrist Chopper by Fairchild Entertainment

  1. Andy Martin

    Amazing and Daring Mini-Illusion!

    So I am a big fan of the Delben Two Hole Wrist Chopper and this item I am pleased to announce not only looks better, but works better too! I was very surprised when I received this item from Joe Fairchild as the pictures I had seen online were all painted. This natural wood version is much better!

    The construction of this beautiful fooler is a bit more solid than the Delben version and the method is quite different because this item can be examined, which is not possible with the Delben version. Don’t get me wrong, the Delben version is still a wonderful item, but if I had to choose I would certainly go with this one.

    If you are looking for a mini-illusion that is a real fooler then this would be the one to choose.

    Highly Recommended for Performers everywhere!

  2. Anonymous

    Best Wrist Chopper on the Market

    What a marvelous illusion! Joe Fairchild’s masterpiece is a great improvement on the traditional guillotine illusions. He delivers a unique prop that is both beautifully crafted and wonderfully spell-binding to audiences of all ages. This wrist chopper uses the same principle as the Clarence Miller’s excellent Impossible Penetration finger chopper, but with the larger scale this prop is appropriate for a close-up show or a large stage show. The natural wood finish looks great and the detailed instructions even explain how to "tune" the gimmick as needed to keep it in great working condition for many years to come.

    My method of performance is to have a man and a woman each place one arm into the stocks, handcuff them together, and then magically "penetrate" both of their wrists…leaving their hands locked together inside the blade. This allows me to double the audience participation for the trick plus it allows for some comedy patter during the performance.

    All in all, I have owned multiple wrist choppers and this is the best–and last–wrist chopper I’ll ever use! The price is not cheap, but the craftsmanship and performance value are worth saving up in order to get this great prop.

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