Signature Hardwood Cups and Balls with Chop Cup by Paul Lembo

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A very fine set of cups and balls with added chop cup from the fine craftsman, aerospace and fighter jet engineer,  Paul Lembo made in Walnut and Maple exclusively for Stevens Magic. Only 30 of these were made and they are a great price. Complete with two balls (chopped and not) and a draw string bag.

Effect: This is a Deluxe Cups ‘N Balls set With Added Chop Cup, crated from brilliant hard wood Walnut and Maple, and hand-turned. Paul Lembo has created especially for us and our customers this extremely beautiful set of COMBO Cups ‘N Balls—one is a matching chop cup! This is the perfect matching set for those of you lucky enough to score one of the limited edition Shigeo Takagi one cup routine. Having both the Shiego Takagi one cup as well as this complete cups and ball set with chop cup, gives you ownership of something truly special and unique.

Each set consists of three handcrafted cups that can be used for the Cups ‘N Balls routines, and one of the cups has a magnetic gimmick so it can be used individually as a chop cup. Each is handcrafted from laminated dark walnut for the body and hard rock maple for the rings. Each piece is hand turned individually to make a matching set. The finish of these cups consists of five coats of clear acrylic enamel. Each coat is applied and let to dry for one and a half days, then it is hand sanded, both outside and inside of each cup. This procedure is repeated four more times!

This gives a durable high gloss luster to the cups. It is important to note that these cups are manufactured from the highest quality kiln-dried walnut and maple. Being a natural product, there are blemishes inherent in natural wood, as no two pieces will ever be identical. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and a light coat of furniture polish will keep them bright and shiny. Each cup is 3 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter.

These cups are a pleasure to own and a pleasure to use! The feel of the cups is great! There will only be 30 sets available. You will not be disappointed… so order yours now so you don’t miss out. Comes complete with carrying bag, cups and balls (regular balls as well a chop ball). These cups are exclusive to Stevens Magic!

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