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Climbing Coin by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering

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On page 181 of More Magic (not Modern Magic as advertised) Professor Hoffman described The Climbing Coin. In 1992 Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering, founded by George Richbark and Dave Dorsett, created this beautiful reproduction staying true to Professor Hoffman’s description. And what a beauty it is.

Effect: A mahogany base with chimney and small coin drawer box are shown. A coin is borrowed, marked, placed into the drawer in the base and vanished. Soon, the coin is SEEN RISING UP THE CHIMNEY AND OUT OF SIGHT! The marked coin is found in the small box on top of the chimney.

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Approx. Price: $125.00 (2001) ***

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3 reviews for Climbing Coin by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering

  1. Andy Martin

    This looks amazing!

    Here’s one from “Modern Magic” by Professor Hoffmann built with great precision by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering.

    The little box is shown empty and placed on top of the column. Then a coin is borrowed and signed if desired and dropped in the small draw in the base. After the magic pass the coin is slowly seen to rise up the tube through the glass front and audibly appear in the little box on top, which is opened to find the coin in there.

    This is very well made, clever and quite amazing to watch.

  2. Howard

    A True Collector’s Piece!

    IF you can get your hands on one of these babies, DO IT! I purchased mine several years ago in an old magic shop. I would have paid more for the prop, but got it as a bargain of just under $300.00. Its working is sheer mechanical genious. Though some magicians may not like the set-up time involved, it’s something that I overlook, for the impact of the effect is strong. This one is kept in my living room and shown to our guests when the urge to perform something very different strikes!

  3. George Moore

    I Have One Too!

    About two years ago I won this prop from John Mendoza. It is everything he said about it and more. It’s is beautifully made and a pleasure to work with.
    I don’t believe the set-up time is execessive. Certainly not when you see the expressons on the faces of people in the audience.

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