The Chinese Chopper (Custom) by Abbott’s

(c. 1936) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

The Chinese Chopper was originated by Lester Lake exclusively for Abbott’s using a different method to Lester’s famous Lester Lake Chopper.

This particular version of Abbott’s Chinese Chopper is the same as their standard one but the Chinese theme and paint job has been removed. This is probably more appropriate for today’s audiences but I’m not sure how readily available this version is.

Whether you have the original Chinese styling or this version is a wonderful illusion and can be done close up, with the audience all around you.

Effect: In the presentation, different vegetables are cut to demonstrate the sharpness of the stainless steel blade. Blade is removed and the assistant’s (or a spectator’s) neck is secured in the stocks. The magician now forces the blade down through the victim’s neck. Remember … during this operation the blade is in full view at all times and is plainly seen as it passes through the neck. Without any fumbling the blade is withdrawn, restoring the victim’s head to his body.

One of Abbott’s most successful sellers.

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