Foo Foo the Coo Coo Bird by Bob Kline

(c. 1975) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

What an unusual beauty this is from Bob Kline from the 1970’s. There were only 36 of these made. For the collector and right performer Foo Foo will amaze them all! Complete with an abundant supply of pink feathers.

Effect: Foo-Foo, a new hand puppet designed especially for magicians, makes his appearance out of a colorful Coo-Coo Clock (an 18″ high prop that resembles a Swiss clock). Funny just to look at, with.large jeweled eyes and one buck tooth, Foo-Foo can also do magic, and eventually proves it by pulling a selected card out of an unprepared deck. She only comes out on the hour and can find the spectator’s card in her beak.


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Approx. Price: $265.00 (2016) ***

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