Miko Jumbo by Tannen’s

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Effect: Here’s a long needed effect: Many of you know and enjoy doing “MIKO” – but can’t do this admirable effect justice because the cards are not visible from the stage or at any distance.

For those of you who do not remember the effect; six cards are shown backs to audience and are then squared up and faced to audience. Magician fans cards, backs to audience. A large die is introduced. It is rolled on table by spectator. Whatever number comes up determines the selection of the card, in its order in the fan. All other cards are discarded.

The die is again rolled by spectator; he is told that he is to take the top and bottom numbers of the die as rolled, add them together and divide by two. This sojourn into higher mathematics results, to the apparent chagrin of the magi, in a net result of 3%. The card is then shown and being a wizard the- card has 3 1/2 spots on it and its numerals designate 3 1/2. Comes complete with 6 durable, jumbo cards and one large die, and full instructions.

(Ed Mishell – Genii Magazine, September, 1960)
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