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Peter Warlock Glass Penetration Mystery (Warlock’s Amazing Frame) by Davenports

(c. 1939) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

For more details of this penetration please refer to the inventor, Peter Warlock, and his version here.

Davenports purchased the rights to sell and manufacture Peter Warlock’s invention early on and they created a fine version. Davenports, located in downtown London, hold the distinction of being oldest continuously owned magic shop in the world and were founded in 1898.

Effect: An attractive square frame has four windows, and two doors. An unprepared sheet of glass fills the frame covering the 4 windows. Doors are closed and a solid rod or pencil is then poked clear through the holes in the center of each door. Ribbons also run through all holes. When doors are finally reopened, tho glass is seen to be unharmed and there is no sign of damage or holes. Only one piece of glass is used. It is a wonderful illusion and a real fooler for sure.

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